MODUS Design Pty Ltd shares a close collaborative relationship with sister-company MODUS Compliance Pty Ltd.


MODUS Compliance Pty Ltd naturally has formed valued relationships with many other Designers and Architects - this goodwill is respected by Simon and Tom and the management of the companies is appropriately structured to ensure that the commercial interests of MODUS Compliance and it's clients are not jeapardised by those of MODUS Design.

In July 2010 and almost a full two years ahead of the implementation of private certification under the new WA Building Act, MODUS Compliance was formed and has seen continued strong growth ever since.


Working closely alongside MODUS Design, Steve, Phillip, Nick and the rest of the compliance team offer advice on private certification, accessibility access as well as thermal performance and sustainability to the market. Service suites within Compliance are fully integrated with Design so that there are no service gaps or misunderstandings that impact on a projects bottom-line or program. 


Compliance provides a path through the maze of building compliance and regulations by supplying proactive consultancy services to the commercial, industrial, mining and government construction sectors.


The Company offers in excess of 75 years of public and private expertise to a broad client base where projects benefit from their experience in the approval process and pragmatic design input.


Experience is so often the difference between accepting a DTS outcome or knowing that an alternative solution may be a more cost effective outcome – MODUS Compliance has two Level 1 or ‘Unlimited’ Building Surveyors within the company who bring real value to the projects they work on.


The company Building Surveyors seek to understand the client’s needs and budget limitations understanding that timely input in the early stages of a project helps to 'design-out' potentially costly compliance obligations while still satisfying the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia.


The consistent growth of MODUS Compliance is underwritten by reliable advice, commitment to client timelines and strong staff retention - Staff bring with them long-standing and collaborative relationships with many permit authorities which clients are able to leverage to their benefit.

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